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Coming up: A social discography

Most of October has passed since I relaunched this site, and it seems dead again. Not so fast.

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been working on corralling various REST APIs from Musicbrainz, Discogs.com, Last.fm and iLike to create a discography.

It doesn’t aim to be thorough like other discography efforts, but it does try to bring together data from various sites into one. If I can get this effort to work, I might revisit the Musicwhore.org Archive, which could definitely use some fleshing out.

At this point, I’ve managed to create an administrative interface that allows me to link Musicbrainz and Discogs unique IDs to the Musicwhore.org Archive database. Musicbrainz also includes various Amazon ASIN numbers, which allows me to tap yet another source of information.

Even the Last.fm integration looks promising at this point.

I have the structure in place, but like the Tour History Map, it won’t mean much till I can start populating it with meaningful data.

I’ll be traveling in November for three weeks, so I hope to get something rolled out before then. If not, this site will probably still be a bit barren till the holidays.